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  • 6 Tips to Raise Happier and More Confident Children 2

  • How can I teach my child empathy?

    Empathy isn't intuitive as people have thought it to be. In fact, it's more of a gut reaction than a function of reasoning that's connected to feelings or associated with mindfulness. So, when someone falls down as they ride a bike or skate, don't be surprised when your child laughs instead of wondering how they can help. They probably haven't learned how to be empathetic, which is a complex skill to learn for most people, not just adults.
  • 6 Tips to Raise Happier and More Confident Children

    Self-esteem is the lifeboat upon which your child will sail through to a life of good mental health and happy social life. It is essential for your child’s well-being, and it is a determinant for their future success. Are you wondering how to raise happier and more confident children? Here are a few pointers.