Each Little Do Gooders box purchased will help donate $1 to Free Wheelchair Mission.

Teach Empathy. Grow Kindness.

Fun, hands-on activity boxes to teach and inspire your child to love helping others and to do good.

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What's In A Box

Blastoff on a Global Mission Adventure

Each box takes your child on a global adventure to another part of the world to meet a new real friend, expanding their perspective of the world and developing them into global citizens.

A New Friend to Help

Foster compassion, empathy, and a problem-solving mindset in your child. Each box introduces your child to a new friend that has a challenge your child will be asked to help solve.

2-4 Fun, Hands-on STEAM Activities

Experts-designed and kid-approved, fun and creative activities that engage your child’s entire brain and heart—developing them into confident, happier, and more empathetic leaders. 

Inspiration to Make the World a Better Place

Your child will learn about people, non-profits, and businesses that are doing good and be inspired to make their world a better place.

Fuel Your Child's Love for Helping Others.

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From the moment the package was unwrapped, my two children (9 and 11) were engrossed. To learn about a foreign country while at the same time engaging in an act of kindness towards a young child who lives there gives rise to a wonderful combination of education and instilling moral principles. Thank you, Little Do Gooders, for your invaluable contribution to making this world a better place.

Chris, Newport Coast, CA USA

My 8-yr old son and I enjoyed doing this together over Lockdown! He was interested to learn about Uganda, and had his little mind blown that a child might have to crawl around and not be able to go to school because of a disability. We tried crawling around the house and it wasn't much fun!  Learning about the desperate need for wheelchairs to provide access to education- something we take for granted- opened his global eyes. He particularly enjoyed the practical aspects of making a wheelchair model, as well as realising Phiona was a real person. Discussing the charities helping in her country was also a fun way to tie in the learning, increase compassion, and discuss aid. Thank you Little Do Gooders!

Claire, Whangarei, New Zealand

My kids had so much fun building a wheelchair for Phiona. They loved learning about her story and are now looking at their world a little differently.

Michael, Atlanta, GA, USA

I really appreciated the way this activity got my kids to think beyond themselves, their circumstances and country, and think about another person. We had so many great questions come up whilst they were reading, constructing, and painting.

Laura, Dunedin, New Zealand

We love the Little Do Gooders box! It opened my 9-year old son's eyes to what life is like for children in another part of the world.

Jennifer, Irvine, CA, USA

I really enjoyed doing it with my boys, it was fun and something else that was really positive that we could do together. I could tell they were enjoying it too.

Tristan, Auckland, New Zealand

The Little Box That Does Big Good.

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